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Data Scientist

Training Program

The Data Scientist Training Program, which will be held in cooperation with the Coşkunöz Education Foundation and BEBKA, is waiting for new graduates or senior university students.

Our theoretical and practical courses, which are completely free ,focused on long-term employment needs and carried out in order to develop competencies from zero to expertise.

The quota in the data scientist training program is limited to 20 people. Candidates who meet the following criteria can apply to the program.

Required Qualifications

  • Graduated in last 3 years or senior university students in following departments in universities located in Bursa, Eskişehir, Bilecik (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Business Administration, Business Informatics, Economics, Computer and Instructional Technologies, Computer-Informatics, Computer Programming and Engineering ) *
  • who or who’s family reside in the provinces of Bursa, Eskişehir, Bilecik and are studying in the above-mentioned departments in the 4th grade or have graduated from these departments in the last 3 years,**
  • Unemployed,
  • Analytical and abstract thinking skills,
  • Problem solving skills and motivation,
  • Knowledge about basic coding
  • Having a propensity for mathematics, especially statistics,
  • Candidates with at least B2 level of English

*A quota of 15 people has been reserved for candidates with these conditions.

**For candidates with these conditions, a quota of 5 people is reserved. This quota can be increased if there are not enough or qualified applications from the provinces of the region.

 Application Process

A technical test will be sent to our candidates who fill out the application form. Our participants will be determined as a result of the interviews that will take place according to the results of these tests.

Program Duration

The program will last for 18 weeks in total, with 180 hours of technical training and additional social skills training.

Every week:

Mid-week :

+ 2 hours of video-based training

+ 3 hours of online lessons

+ 2 different office clocks

Saturday  :

+ 7 hours of online lessons

Note: The classes that will take place on Saturday will be held face-to-face at Bursa Coşkunöz Education Foundation every 2 weeks.

Note2: The travel and accommodation expenses of the candidates who will apply and be selected from outside the city will be covered by the Coşkunöz Education Foundation.


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