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We Are Part of the Excellence of 
European Training Foundation (ETF)

As a result of the vision of being the pioneer of vocational and technical education practices, with the innovative efforts, we are now in the ETF Excellence Network.

In the network, we represent our country to many world countries in terms of vocational education. The network which is an establishment of European Training Foundation, focuses on 8 main themes in order to create a lifelong education system. The focus areas are; cooperation in education, professional development, Industry 4.0 and digitalization, sustainability and institutionalization. It which provides continuous information and network flow between new and existing centers of excellence at local, national or international level for vocational education institutions in 29 countries.

Coşkunöz Education Foundation’s Applied Vocational Education curriculum has been partially recognized by the authorized center; IHK Fosa (Foreign Skills Appoval), throughout the country for the examination and recognition of foreign vocational diplomas. By this means, our graduates get the opportunity to have a career in Germany.

ADDRESS For Future

Aim of the ADDress project is creating innovative additive manufacturing training frameworks for the ecosystem, preparing the skill sets of the community of designers, technicians and engineers, as well as creating policies that integrate the perspectives of industry organizations, printer developers and product designer.

Partners are, infoTRON - 3D Teknoloji Çözümleri - European Powder Metallurgy Association - Gazi Üniversitesi - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - CESOL Asoc. Española Soldadura y Tec. de Unión - LOT-CONSULT EOOD - AB Proje Başkanlığı - Türkiye Ulusal Ajansı - Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna


We are a member of EPALE (European Electronic Platform for Adult Learning), a European, multilingual, open membership community of adult learning professionals.


We are a member of the holistic Creating New Teaching (CNL) project, an initiative of the European Education Foundation, which combines human-centered design themes, learning, curriculum, teaching and teacher training, qualifications, distance and digital learning.

European Network of Excellence

We are part of the ETF Excellence Network, which provides an environment for continuous application exchange and development between new and existing centers of excellence at the national and international level.