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What We Do Data Scientist Training Program The Data Scientist Training Program, which will be held by Coşkunöz Education Foundation, is prepare the future for new graduates or senior university students. DAHA FAZLA BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN
Additive Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing Training and Experience Center As the Coşkunöz Education Foundation, it is aimed to raise a qualified workforce ready for the digital transformation of industrial production in the Additive Manufacturing Training and Experience Center (KÜME), which is equipped with the latest technology products that we put into service with our innovative understanding. DAHA FAZLA BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN
What We Do? VTP Vocational Training Programs Our Vocational Training Program covers theoretical and practical applications to help graduates from non-technical high schools to find employment and to meet the requirement for a qualified workforce. DAHA FAZLA BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN
What We Do? Care Your Career Scholarships Within the framework of the scholarship program that has been running as one of its basic activities since the foundation of the establishment, we have provided non-refundable grants to 1677 students. DAHA FAZLA BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN
What We Do Design for Additive Manufacturing Diploma Program Approved by EWF CEV, selected as the first and only accredited institution for Additive Manufacturing Trainings in Turkey by the European Welding Federation, starts design trainings with its experienced academic staff on additive manufacturing applications. DAHA FAZLA BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN
What We Do Let-X New Generation Occupational Safety Training With our Let-x trainings, which are designed as a new generation occupational health and safety training, we provide solutions to all OHS needs in a digital environment by using VR technology. DAHA FAZLA BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN
What We Do Professional Certification Trainings In cooperation with the Coşkunöz Education Foundation and Gedik University, The certifications are provided about Vocational Training Certification and Certification of those working in dangerous and very dangerous jobs. DAHA FAZLA BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN
SUCCESS STORIES Make your own story Each of the tens of thousands of students studying at the Coşkunöz Education Foundation has a unique story. Every student that pursues a professional calling and builds a happy life, puts his shoulder to the wheel and does something for the future of the nation is a success story for us. Join us now and write your own success story with us, and plan your future with your desire to succeed…
ERKAN DOĞU Occupational Safety
I can say what a right decision it was to join the Coşkunöz Education Foundation, which was one of the turning points in my life. DETAILS
HABERLER Coşkunöz Education Foundation Supports the Education of Bursa Uludağ University Students Uludağ University Mechanical Engineering students are receiving additive manufacturing training at Coşkunöz Education Foundation. NEWS DETAIL
NEWS Another First from Coşkunöz Education Foundation Coşkunöz Education Foundation becomes Turkey's First Battery Technologies Vocational Centre of Excellence NEWS DETAIL
HABERLER We have news for you from Hatay! We opened Coşkunöz Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School and High School in Hatay Kırıkhan! NEWS DETAIL
NEWS We Met with Edtech Initiative Programme Entrepreneurs at ODTÜ TEKNOKENT! We Met with Edtech Enterprise Program Entrepreneurs at ODTÜ TEKNOKENT! We listened to the exciting projects of 13 different startups. NEWS DETAIL
HABERLER As Coşkunöz Education Foundation in Hatay Kırıkhan We build the future together with 4 schools. Coşkunöz Education Foundation, which has been continuing its relief efforts in the earthquake area since the first day, will open an education complex consisting of a kindergarten,... NEWS DETAIL
NEWS CEV LAUNCHES CEVHER GRANT PROGRAM TO CONTRIBUTE TO VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Coşkunöz Education Foundation launched the CEVHER Grant Program, which will support projects developed in the field of vocational education. NEWS DETAIL
HABERLER A collaboration from CEV that will revolutionize industry 4.0 production all over Europe! Within the scope of cooperation with the European Union, CEV will create a Europe-wide training and cooperation platform for additive manufacturing, one of the technologies of the ... NEWS DETAIL
NEWS SECOND TERM OF THE DATA SCIENTIST TRAINING PROGRAM HAS STARTED The second term of the Data Scientist Training Program started with the cooperation of BEBKA. NEWS DETAIL
"If I do a job, I must be the best."
M.Kemal Coşkunöz Founder of the Coşkunöz Education Foundation and
Companies Affiliated with Coşkunöz Holding