İletişim Formu

Lean Manufacturing TrainingsLean Manufacturing Trainings carry out focusing on the concept of value, teaching the right use of lean tools and guidance to companies that aim to make continuous improvement a corporate culture. EĞİTİM DETAYI
Production and CNC TrainingsSoftware and technical trainings for shaping, industrial design, design and mold making, Its provided a solution to the industry's need for develop technical employees experienced and qualifications.EĞİTİM DETAYI
Automation TrainingsAutomation trainings has been providing for more than 30 years with expert trainers on all electronic components of automation processes, which are the key to industrialization.EĞİTİM DETAYI
Design for Additive Manufacturing Diploma ProgramCEV, selected as the first and only accredited institution for Additive Manufacturing Trainings in Turkey by the European Welding Federation (European Welding Federation), starts design trainings with its experienced academic staff on additive manufacturing applications.EĞİTİM DETAYI
Welding TrainingsApplied Welding Trainings organized within the workshops in Coşkunöz Education Foundation or in companies own facilities, have been prepared for employees who handle or control welding.EĞİTİM DETAYI
Professional Certification TrainingsIn cooperation with the Coşkunöz Education Foundation and Gedik University, The certifications are provided about Vocational Training Certification and Certification of those working in dangerous and very dangerous jobs.EĞİTİM DETAYI
Let-X New Generation Occupational Safety TrainingWith our Let-x trainings, which are designed as a new generation occupational health and safety training, we provide solutions to all OHS needs in a digital environment by using VR technology.EĞİTİM DETAYI