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Additive Manufacturing Training and Experience Center

Coşkunöz Eğitim Vakfı Katmalı Üretim Eğitim ve Deneyim Merkezi

Additive Manufacturing technology, the basis of which is 3D printers, offers digital, practical and durable solutions for the product needs of the industry, unlike the old methods.

Today, Additive Manufacturing, which stands out with its "rapid prototyping" feature, carries out production by using CAD software or 3D object scanners and increasing layer by layer.

As the Coşkunöz Education Foundation, it is aimed to raise a qualified workforce ready for the digital transformation of industrial production in the Additive Manufacturing Training and Experience Center (KÜME), which is equipped with the latest technology products that we put into service with our innovative understanding.

What we do?

3D Printer Technologies
FDM, SLA, SLS ve SLM Technologies

3D Operator Program
Engineering Program
Trainer Trainings

R&D Projects
Production and Prototype Studies
Employment and Internship Activities

Private Organizations
International Partners

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