İletişim Formu


The inspiring story of an intellectual true to the founding principles of the Turkish Republic who was a bright businessman and entrepreneur but who primarily saw himself as an ''trainer''...

The founder of Coşkunöz Holding and its subsidiaries, M. Kemal Coşkunöz, or Kemal Teacher, began his career in teaching in 1946 as a high school teacher at the Tophane Art School. With his foresight and determination to be the pioneer in what he does, he founded his own workshop in 1949 with that was far ahead of the times in terms of equipment and sophistication.

Leading the way ahead with myriad other novelties and innovations in the following years, Kemal Teacher came to be recognized and acknowledged as one the most valuable first-generation industrialists and trainers of the Republic with his legacy.

Appreciating people's potential ...

Kemal Teacher, blessed with a vision that knew no boundaries that saw him climb the ladder of success in business, observed first-hand what a strong impact it had on individual happiness and social development when young people choose careers that fitted their dreams and abilities.

With that in mind, he founded the Coşkunöz Education Foundation in 1988 to help young people discover their potential, realize their dreams and make a difference in the world.

How many lives can a single teacher touch?

Taking the first step towards a promising, long-term and exemplary enterprise by founding the Coşkunöz Education Foundation, Kemal Teacher raised the bar in education with unrelenting vigor and determination providing guidance and changing the lives of thousands of young people across Turkey. Having made a great contribution to the Turkish youth and economy, Kemal Teacher passed away on October 12, 2000.

With his great legacy, Kemal Teacher continues to prepare thousands of young people for business life and the future.