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As Coşkunöz Education Foundation;

The beneficiaries of the foundation services, the institutions we cooperate with, our employees and individuals who will bring qualifications to the world of the future, to be an education foundation that respects human labor based on cooperation and feedback,

To strengthen our beneficiaries and employees in all aspects and to increase their competencies, with the resources we provide by using science and technology in all our processes, with a dynamic management approach that is powered by our deep-rooted history, and the core values ​​we are committed to,

To comply with relevant party expectations, national standards and applicable legal requirements in our services and activities,

To adopt an opportunity and risk-based thinking model focused on innovative approaches,

We undertake to continuously improve our activities by taking into account the needs of society and individuals, to provide quality and accessible service to all our stakeholders with the foundation culture and to provide the necessary resources for this.



Coşkunöz Education Foundation

Chairman of the Board